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Alcohol delivered on-demand serving the greater Metro Phoenix area.



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Drinkworks By Keurig



The Home Bar by Keurig serves an ever-growing selection of bar quality cocktails, brews and ciders…for you and your guests. All at the push of a button.



The Magic of the Pod

The alcohol is in the pod!
Each Pod contains premium spirits, precisely measured drinks infused with all-natural ingredients. Quick, easy and the best of the bar at your fingertips.

Liquid-filled alcohol pod.
Premium spirits.
All-natural ingredients.
Real juices infused with natural flavors.
Freshly made cocktails, on-demand.


Bar-Quality Drinks | Freshly Made | On Demand

Making tasty cocktails for you and your friends is as easy as one, two, three. Discover our growing catalog of drinks, see the Drinkmaker in action and hear from our delighted customers.

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