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Drinkworks Pods - Spring Sippers Variety Pack




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Singing birds, longer days, warmer weather and four new delicious cocktails on your Home Bar menu! The Spring Sippers seasonal variety pack is here to make your days even brighter. We started with ingredients and flavors iconic of the Spring season to craft four unique recipes to elevate your Spring Soiree – a Bee's Knees for the garden, a Berry Mint Fizz as an afternoon cool-off, a Violet Cosmo for sipping on the porch or a Springtime Margarita just because. This variety pack includes 3 pods of each specialty cocktail. Cheers to Spring showers and budding flowers!

Includes the following drinks:
3x Berry Mint Fizz
3x Bee's Knees
3x Springtime Margarita
3x Violet Cosmopolitan

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