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Half Acre Beer Co. - Stacks Of Wheat Golden Wheat Ale

Chicago, Illinois, USA



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Maker's Notes:

Our spring and summer seasonal is a collaboration with the Art Institute of Chicago, one of the world's great art museums, and The Chicago Brewseum, a museum in development that aims to highlight beer's place in history. We've been working on this beer, a celebration of good weather and Chicago treasures, for quite some time.

Stacks of Wheat is brewed in honor of the Art Institute of Chicago's upcoming exhibition "Monet and Chicago", a much-anticipated exploration of our city's pioneering connection to the beloved Impressionist, for it was Chicago, more than any other city, that most enthusiastically embraced the then-radical artist. The city’s collectors purchased multiple works and developed lasting relationships with Monet, and the Art Institute became—in 1903—the first American museum to buy a work by the artist.

The opportunity to include a piece of artwork of this magnitude on our beer is a true honor and testament to beer’s place in the creative and societal landscape. Now, more than we could have known when we were planning this collaboration, that message—that beer is a part of cultural depth and positivity—feels essential.

Someday we will all be back out visiting museums and drinking wheat beer with friends in the grass . . .

Stacks of Wheat Golden Wheat Ale is out now and will be available through the end of July. "Monet and Chicago" will open later this summer; The Art Institute will update us on the exhibition dates, and we will be there.

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