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Clase Azul - Anejo Tequila




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Clase Azul Añejo “Edición Indígena Mazahua” (or Mazahua-Edition) is the fruit of two worlds that meet. It symbolizes the union of authentic Mexican indigenous roots (represented by the unfired clay) with European glazing techniques, result in a combination of history, art, and the highest quality tequila all making Clase Azul Añejo a truly exemplary expression.

The process

  • Agave: the selection of ripened, organic agaves for at least nine years.
  • Cooking: the slow cooking of agave hearts in traditional ovens for 72 hours right after being harvested along with the elimination of bitter honeys.
  • Fermentation: stimulated by yeasts developed especially for Clase Azul.
  • Distillation: cautiously distilled to ensure maximum refinement and purity. Ample cut of foreshots and tails to obtain the lowest level possible of methanol.
  • Water: deep well water filtered through a special five-stage process.
  • Filtration: triple filtration ensuring excellent quality tequila.
  • Maturation: Clase Azul Añejo is aged for twenty-five months in barrels of the highest quality selected by our master distiller.


  • Its distinctive decanter molded and decorated by Mazahua natives, a group indigenous in the small village of Santa María Canchesda, speaks for itself about the history of its roots. Starting from the bottom of the bottle, the spiral appliqué on unfired clay symbolize the earth’s fertility. When the earth comes in to contact with water, represented by a fine blue line, it gives life to the agave. Once the agave has reached its optimal ripeness and is jimado (“harvested”), the treasured heart of the agave is obtained. Finally, the ornamentation of the bottle concludes at the neck of the bottle with a 24 karat gold vermeil charm medallion and feathered design that distinctively represents Clase Azul.  Each piece is numbered by hand and signed by the master distiller and the individual Mazahuan artisan.


  • Clase Azul Añejo is tasted without mixing because of its complex aroma and various flavors.


  • CATEGORY: 100% blue Agave
  • TYPE: Extra Aged
  • ALC. CONT. 40% alc. Vol. (80 Proof)
  • PLANT: Organic agave plant
  • REGION: Jalisco Highlands (Altos de Jalisco) 
  • PRODUCER: Casa Tradición S.A. de C.V.
  • DISTILLERY: Productos Finos de Agave (NOM 1416)
  • LOCATION: Jesús María (Arandas region, Jalisco)
  • COOKING: Slow cooking with steam in 
  • traditional stone ovens during 72 hrs.
  • MILLING: Artisan milling
  • FERMENTATION: Superior yeast (secret formula)
  • DESTILLATION: Double destillation, in copper still
  • BARREL: American white oak barrel
  • COLOR: Intense amber

  • BODY: Full-bodied with significantly defined legs and tears
  • AROMA: Cooked agave, a variety of woods, vanilla, caramel, almonds, and apples
  • FLAVOR: Freshly baked agave with touches of vanilla, caramel, and various woods

  • DECANTER: Ultra-fine ceramic (in high temperature)
  • CERAMIC COATING: Food grade (lead free)
  • CERAMIC COOKING: Triple 650°, 800° y 1200°
  • PRODUCTION TIME: 2 weeks per decanter
  • DECORATION: Its hand-made decoration symbolizes the union of authentic Mexican indigenous roots, with European glazing techniques
  • CAP: Pewter

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