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Clase Azul - Plata Tequila




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Clase Azul Plata is a fresh tasting blanco tequila produced from 100% organic blue weber agave. The agave is slow cooked in traditional brick ovens for 72 hours and then distilled using a proprietary yeast developed by our master distiller. Plata is not aged and the natural colors that come from the slow cooking are filtered out prior to bottling in a stunning crystal clear bottle with blue accent at its base.

The process

  • Agave: Hand-selected, organic Weber Blue Agaves that have matured for nine years.
  • Cooking: Slow cooking of the agave piñas for 72 hours in traditional stone ovens.
  • Fermentation: Using Clase Azul's proprietary strain of yeast.
  • Distillation: Careful attention to pot still distillation ensures the highest quality spirit.
  • Water: Naturally filtered water refined in a special five step process.
  • Tequila filtration: Triple micrón- filtration ensures the highest quality spirit without compromising its integrity.


  • Bottled in a modern, crystal clear glass decanter in the iconic Clase Azul shape. Each bottle features a stunning blue base and silver agave medallion.


  • Clase Azul Plata should be served neat or in a fresh cocktail using high quality ingredients.


  • CATEGORY: 100% blue agave
  • TYPE: Blanco (silver)
  • ALC. CONT. 40% alc. Vol. (80 Proof)
  • PLANT: Organic agave plant
  • REGION: Jalisco Highlands (Altos de Jalisco)
  • PRODUCER: Casa Tradición S.A. de C.V.
  • DISTILLERY: Productos Finos de Agave (NOM 1416)
  • LOCATION: Jesús María (Arandas region, Jalisco)
  • COOKING: Slow cooking with steam in tradicional stone ovens for 72 hours
  • MILLING: Artisan milling
  • FERMENTATION: Proprietary yeast (secret formula)
  • DISTILLATION: Double distillation in copper still
  • COLOR: Silver tequila, clear
  • BODY: Full of body but not too strong
  • AROMA: Herbal and citric notes, very smooth
  • TASTE: Very big mouth-feel and long, often sweet after taste
  • DECANTER: Semi Industrial glass
  • CAP: Pewter
  • MEDALLION: Silver

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