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La Fee Absinthe Superieure Parisienne




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Distiller's Notes:

Absinthe Supérieure

La Fée is now the first of the international brands to distill classic, all-natural Verte and Blanche Absinthe Supérieure in addition to the established Extra Supérieure [XS] range.  The new recipe Parisienne is now available from our Paris bond and rolling out beyond Europe this year.

A measure of the all natural Parisienne, ready for iced water to be poured over the sugar cube...

The level of Grand wormwood [Artemisia Absinthium] in the distillation has been increased by 60% and the Green and Star Anise has been slightly softened. This allows the more delicate herbs to emerge, such as fennel, coriander and hyssop. The natural color is obtained through the maceration of herbs in spirit...after dilution the louche effect has turned the absinthe to a milky, opalescent green/yellow

To protect the all-natural Parisienne we have coated our signature color bottle with a special UV inhibitor to protect the liquid against sunlight, which can quickly damage natural green.

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