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Rompope is an eggnog-like drink made with eggsmilk, and vanilla flavouring. The egg yolks impart a yellow hue to the emulsified beverage. It is a traditional drink known as such in Costa RicaNicaraguaEl SalvadorBelize and particularly in Mexico, where, it is believed to have been originally made in the convents of the city of PueblaMexico. The word rompope is a derivation of the word rompon, which is used to describe the Spanish version of eggnog that came to Mexico. The Spanish version utilizes rum as its main ingredient, hence the root of both words rom-pon and rom-pope, but in Central America, GuatemalaHonduras and El Salvador, there is also a similar beverage known as rompopo. For example, Salcaja, in Guatemala offers one known version of this rompopo drink and in South America, the country of Chile has among its most popular drinks rompon and cola de mono or monkey’s tail, the latter containing coffee making it dark instead of yellow, but also containing the other ingredients commonly found in rompope.

13% Alcohol By Volume

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