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Sagamore Spirit - Cognac Finish - Straight Rye Whiskey Blend




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Distiller's Notes:

Back by Popular Demand! It started as a distillery exclusive, but this fan favorite is too good not to share. We finished our straight rye whiskies in French cognac barrels, revealing notes of velvety spice, apple vanilla, and brown sugar. Rare – and winner of the 2019 Denver International Spirits Competition Double Gold – this whiskey captures the spirit of innovation and tradition.



Aroma | Pear and apricot, bold spice with aromas of cinnamon and vanilla
Palate | Fruit forward with apple, smooth vanilla, and brown sugar. Warm oak finish with lingering, velvety spice
Color | Golden amber
Proof | 101 (50.5% ABV)
Age | 4 - 5 Years

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