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Black Oak Chardonnay




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Vintner's Notes:

The Black Oak Chardonnay still remains the benchmark wine profile for the Black Oak brand.

A little warm valley blending, with the cooler coastal grapes, gives this wine it’s intricate layers. 15% of the wine is composed of floral whites such as Malvasia Bianca and Sauvignon Blanc.  This varietal blending also contributes to this multilayered wine.   


The Black Oak Chardonnay is golden straw in color, it is pretty and bright.  Wonderful aromas of summer-ripe peaches with tropical fruits and flowers.  The silky and smooth flavors are reminiscent of baked apples, and toasty vanilla bean.  The lively acidity makes this an extremely well-balanced Chardonnay.  The finish is long and fruity, with an interesting hint of hazelnuts.  Overall, this wines taste profiles I would tend to characterized as creamy, with apricots and lemons.


The Black Oak Chardonnay would be nice simply chilled on its own, or served at brunch.  We like it with light-style chicken meals, and fresh caught shellfish.

The light, fruity flavors of Caribbean cooking also go very well with this wine.

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