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Francis Coppola Diamond Collection - Black Pavilion Chardonnay




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Winemaker's Notes:

  • Our limited-production Chardonnay, featuring highly-concentrated fruit and zesty flavors of apricot, pear and passion fruit.
  • The companion wine to our Diamond Collection flagship, Claret.

For the last couple of years our Diamond Collection Pavilion has been a 100% Chardonnay rather than a blend like in some years past. This year, we again opted to create a pure Chardonnay, as vintage conditions presented us with extraordinary fruit selections. Pavilion still stands apart from Diamond Collection Gold Label Chardonnay because it’s sourced from a different appellation and treated to a unique oak regimen that uses a variety of toast profiles. Sourced in the Santa Lucia Highlands, a high-elevation subappellation of Monterey County, this Chardonnay has distinct mineral notes that are the signature of this region.

2014 saw one of the earliest harvests in recent years. Winter was drier than normal, but we received more rain than in 2013. Because temperatures were mild, we experienced early budbreak, which was followed by a warm spring and summer that remained consistent and never got excessively hot. Our fruit achieved excellent concentration because these conditions. We began picking white grapes in August, even earlier than the year before, and were delighted with how aromatic and expressive the fruit was. This year’s wine is very well balanced, with a lush palate, creamy finish, and warm notes of wood.

  • YEAR: 2014
  • WINEMAKER: Corey Beck
  • BLEND: 100% Chardonnay
  • ALCOHOL: 13.5%
  • BARREL REGIMEN: 9 months in French oak


  • GOLD - 92 POINTS - 2016 Sommelier Challenge
  • GOLD - 91 POINTS - 2017 Winemaker's Challenge

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